Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Week's Worth

Last Saturday, Isaac took Annette to see Beauty and the Beast 3D. They 'double dated' with Chris and Ruthie. How blessed is she to have such a cool Dad?!? Very.

That night we went to the Woman of the Year event downtown. Isaac's company had a table there, so we got to enjoy a date night and visit with some friends.

On Sunday night, Isaac and I cooked dinner at my parent's house. It was a great deal for us. My parents and sisters entertained the kids while Isaac grilled and I roasted. Cooking is much easier than toddler-duty in my recent opinion.

Another night we had some friends over for pizza. We picked up a couple of those take-n-bake style pizzas from the newish  Pizza Cafe place over by the McDonald's playplace. It was so good-- so good we were all eating seconds and thirds. Maybe even fourths.

During our days this past week, we spent hours playing with puzzles, lacing activities, drawing, dress up clothes, books, and all kinds of toys that encourage learning and play. All on this hard tile floor. I keep debating on whether I want to spend a chunk of money on a rug. It would be nicer on our knees and rears, but might make cleaning the floors more of a pain. Plus, I don't know what type to get. It would have to be extremely durable, yet semi-soft at the same time.

I like these pictures because they truly capture our typical day lately. Annette has changed clothes about 3 times already. And really thinks her outfit matches and looks great. I don't let her leave the house like this. Okay... I do sometimes. To Kroger or on a visit to grandma's. It's just not worth the battle every single outing.

Notice all that maker-messy-goodness? Evidence of a growing mind : )

Charlie is in that crazy-fast learning phase right now. He's putting all kinds of words together to make sentences. He can identify several shapes and can complete many puzzles on his own. He knows what the letter H says too. All before the ripe age of 2 : )

One last thing to document from this past week. Annette has been tough to parent lately, so, instead of documenting the many battles we have had this week, I am choosing to remember a couple of the non-troublesome things she did.

Lately, she has been my name tag helper. She knows who gets which one and is very proud of this well learned skill.

She has also learned to 'read' some labels around the house. Glad that Isaac doesn't mind that our house looks a little more like a pre-school every day.

And that's a week's worth.

Hoping for another 'exciting' week ; )

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