Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Watching the Wedding Video

The other day, we were about to head home from my mom's house. Annette does not like leaving her Granny or Rah-Rah's house, so I usually think of a good fun reason why it will be fun to get home.

Examples: Daddy will be home! We can make supper together! You can finish those cheetos (you can see why she likes her grandparent's houses:) in the car!

This time I thought.... I'll look in my mom's video closet for a new DVD to watch in our car on the way home. That should get Annette excited about our very familiar 30 minute drive home. As I was looking through the huge dusty stacks of VHS tapes and the smaller stack of DVD's , I realized that many of us don't have that many DVD's anymore. At least not cartoon ones. (We can thank OnDemand, Apple TV, redbox, and Netflix for that.) And too bad my car doesn't do VHS tapes b/c there were plenty of options there.

Among Forces of Nature and Air Force One, I found a DVD labeled "Morgan and Isaac Wedding". Hmmm. I bet Annette would like this I thought.

Sure enough, I popped that thing in the car DVD player and Annette was glued. Listening to it play in the backseat was weird for me. I hadn't watched it since our first anniversary 4 years ago. I forgot about so many of the details from the wedding. Things I liked, and things I would SO do differently if I had the ceremony or reception to do over again. But Annette wasn't as critical as me. She loved every second of it. I guess it would be kind of magical to watch your parents get married. At age 3 anyways, when you are super into princesses and fairy tales.

Here are the sweet things Annette said while watching (for the first time) Mommy and Daddy getting married on video.  Answers/my responses at the bottom of post...

What is that thing on your head, Mommy?*
Y'all forgot to blow out the other candle!*
I am happy you are the wife, Mommy.
I am gonna get married when I'm a mommy.
What is that x on daddy's back?*
Why are you feeding Daddy the cake... he isn't a baby!
Daddy is helping the little boys and girls dance.
Why does Cha Cha (aunt rachael) have on pretty earrings?
What are they throwing at you?*
Where are yall going in that car?*
I want a bride dress!!!
I want to marry Daddy:)

Priceless moment for sure. I had to document her sayings so I could hang on to this precious little moment.

Annette would choose to watch that video over and over again.  I, on the other hand, am sick of listening to my own voice and thinking about every detail of that big day.  So we negotiated to rotate it in with the other faves... Letter Factory and Caillou. Be jealous of our car rides:) Ha!

my little dreamer

*veil, unity candle, suspenders, rose petals, the Peabody

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Kendall Jones said...

Morgan, I just love your blog! This post is especially precious. What a sweet moment with your daughter! :)