Monday, August 1, 2016

weekends at the lake

 lake time translates into quality time 
(in my love language)

i took my first turn at driving the boat. not ready to pull into the slip or anything, but i enjoyed it for a few minutes. 

I've just started to hang things on the walls of the condo now that I have found most of the furniture we need.  I totally enjoy the whole process.

set has learned to swim this summer. i was planning on waiting til next summer to really teach him, bc JL is such a handful to watch at the pool. However, his speech teacher offers swim lessons so I decided to give it a try. I had no idea he would take to it so quickly. He was jumping off the diving board after just a handful of lessons. So grateful!

Charlie fishes when he first wakes up. And just about every other spare moment.

we had this little breakfast nook built to create more seating, and it's is used constantly. 

Annette is going to be the best babysitter. She is my constant little helper with JL. Plays airplane and ring around the rosie with her. Picks her up for me when my hands are full. Will help me feed her, get her water, etc. Thankful that she seems to love the role.

If Isaac isn't driving the boat, throwing kids in the pool, or baiting a pole, he is usually cooking up some new yummy interesting food for us. He is a creative and talented cook. We benefit in a huge way.

pancake sandwiches

love playing spades once the kiddos are in bed

we got a tube about a month ago. the kids have loved it. we go pretty slowly on the party barge, but it has satisfied them so far. no chance of them falling off the tube this year. 

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