Friday, April 25, 2014

Framed prints

We have/had a big blank wall in our front room, right when you walk in the house. I needed something big to fill the wall.  I thought about big greenish botanicals (love that look). I'd even have loved some huge framed dried fig leaves or something. Didn't know where to start on that idea. I have a true love when it comes to old things, and I usually tire less of them, so I decided to go with framed vintage prints. I searched eBay for just the right thing at just the right price;)

I got ab 18 prints that were from antique botany books for about 25 bucks. I used 12 of them for this project. 

I ordered 3 lots from the same seller and he gave me a discount and better shipping rate. 

If I had my pick for frames, I love old wooden ones the most. But finding 12 old big wooden frames (that would look good together) at a thrift store was unlikely. I've found sets of smaller ones (can't wait to fill those treasures for another wall soon), but knew for this I'd need to buy all 12 from a 'regular' store. Borrring;) jk, I know I can't find everything second hand at savers. 

I'd have loved custom frames, but for 12 that would have added up way too quickly. No luck at hobby lobby, but michaels had some I liked a lot. I'm always happily surprised at michaels. They have lots of great stuff. But for framing and matting, Hobby lobby is way better in my opinion. I thought about gold frames, but the big bookshelf in the same room has more gray and pewtery tones in its hardware and finish. So, when I found a bunch of these silvery ones on clearance, I bought them up. All 10 of them. Glad I didn't trust the worker there that said they called the NLR store and told me they didn't have anymore of the frames. I just drove myself on over and found them myself, and bought the last two I needed. I just knew that still had some.  At 10 bucks a piece, I was ultra happy to find all 12. 

Then I went to HL and picked out a mat color. Went with a darker gray one. They cut them in ab 15 minutes and then I went home and put them together. I used painters tape to keep the prints in place. 

Now for the hanging part, I called my helper, Sarah Finley, again. We measured a bit, but mostly eyed it. It only took a couple of hours. We worked quickly (and as quietly as you can be while hammering) while our babies napped.

And here they are... 

Think they work nicely. You can even see them from outside bc they're across from our big porch window. Which makes me smile. I was also inspired to hang kid photos and other things around the house once this wall was complete. I was motivated to get things up on walls before we had some friends over for a dinner. I never do anything until I've got a deadline, so it was very welcome motivation. 

I have some chairs that will eventually sit in this front room, but to have extra seating for the dinner, I set it up like a dining room. 

Pic below from before the table had it's tablecloth, obviously:)

Another project I can check off my in-my-head check list. I'm just not one of those actual written out to-do list people. But my ideas are all up there floating around in my head. Nice to see one through to completion. 

Happy weekend!

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