Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter weekend 2014

Could the weather have been any nicer this weekend?!

We had an egg hunt at the golf course on Saturday.

This is what it looks like when I ask them to take a picture for me. I attempted to get a good pic before we went to the event and got all dirty. Didn't happen.

My kids are VERY active.

We finally finished painting the dresser behind Annette. Must put hardware on it this week.

His first real egg hunt. Last year he was still a wee lil thing and was held the whole time. This year, being held was the last thing he wanted. He fell flat on his face on the pavement while waiting for the hunt to start. He's got some nice scratches and scabs on his nose now. You can see hints of the boo boo behind the messy drooly chocolate on his face.

"MORE!" that's one of his fave words right now....

I stuck with Set in the baby gated area while Lauren watched the big kids hunt.

While we brunched Ike golfed.  I AM SO GLAD Lauren joined us! Set takes one on one attention right now. So, Lauren made like 5 trips to the bathroom and food line while I corralled Set. 

He was a big chocolate mess by the end. I already got the stains out, in case anyone was worried about those white clothes. White makes me happy. 

Sunday morning Easter basket goodies

Followed by church and then lunch and a family hunt at my mom's house

Me doing my best to convince Nettie to smile for our only family pic of the day.

Isaac loves how Charlie is pulling his hair back. I love them so very much.

You can see how we've changed from last Easter if you click HERE.

And Charlie found a worm and put him on his belly. Boys.

It was SUCH a happy Easter. Thanking God, as I type, for all our blessings. 


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