Monday, May 2, 2011

Babies Don't Keep

For the last year, Annette has pretty much consistently picked her Daddy to put her to bed each night.

When I say putting her to bed, I mean:
-read her several books
- sing several songs
-say a goodnight prayer
- and finally, pat her back while she lays in her crib for several minutes :)

It can be a lengthy process. It used to make me a little sad that she chose Isaac instead of her momma. But soon, I realized I could get a lot done during the 15-30 minute process. Laundry, dishes, facebook, eat something, read, etc. But, after months and months of this Daddy/bedtime routine, Annette up and requested ME a week or two ago. So every night lately, I've been 'putting her to bed'. I'm sure she's going to change her mind any night now, and go back to wanting her Dad to tuck her in, but until then, I'm going to savor this special time. I mean, how much longer will I actually get to rock her and sing to her? They say these years will fly by... and during the day when I am feeling overwhelmed and impatient and unorganized, I forget that.  Many days, I feel like the two hours before Isaac gets home are LONG hours. Not 'flying by' hours. BUT, when I am reading, singing, and rocking my sweet 2 year old baby... I start to get all sentimental and want to hang on to each second forever. There are a few other times during the day where I get to feel super close to her and give her my undivided attention, but bedtime is special. Probably because she is winding down and loves to cuddle....which feels really good to this momma after a full day.

It reminds me of this poem I had in my bedroom when I was a child, and now it sits in Charlie's room.

Cleaning and scrubbing will wait till tomorrow,
for children grow up, as I’ve learned to my sorrow.
So quiet down, cobwebs. Dust go to sleep.
I’m rocking my baby and babies don’t keep.

I can't even read or say this poem now without getting teary eyed. L.O.V.E. it. I think it's part of a longer poem by Ruth Hamilton, called Song for a Fifth Child. Back in 1958. Guess times haven't changed all that much for mommas.

Charlie has gone through phases of wanting to be rocked, and not wanting to be rocked. As of now, he would rather drink some milk and be laid in his crib without the rocking. I'll try to rock him for a minute, but usually he just squirms and tries to get down and play:)

where i do my rockin'

where she does her sleepin'

Notice Annette still sleeps in a crib. It seems like most toddlers make the switch to a big bed when a new baby is on the way.... but she would have been just 14 months when Charlie arrived, so we've had  2 cribs for over a year now. I'm thinking we will transfer to a big girl bed in a few months. She does great in her crib, so I haven't been in a rush. Plus, she is just 2. And like they say, "if it ain't broke...."  :)

Some books Annette loves to read before bed
(always changing, so I'll list the current favorites sitting beside the rocker as I type)

A Garden of Opposites
Wacky Wednesday
Just A Mess (A little critter book)

Songs that we sing before bed
(poor child has to listen to my frog voice)

Ones that were passed down from my mom and dad to me and now to Annette:
Momma Loves Annette (basically, a made up song:)
Birdie Birdie in the Tree
I Wish I Were an Apple
Do Lord, Oh Do Lord
You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby
B A, Bay

Songs that I grew up singing at church:

My Eyes Are Dry
Create in me a Clean Heart
He's Got The Whole World
Jesus Loves Me
Jesus Loves the Little Children
Holy Lord, Most Holy Lord
Seek Ye First
Blue Skies and Rainbows
Near the Cross
All that I Need is You

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abc said...

I, too love that poem. It is such a sweet time and it is ever changing.

Brady stayed in her crib until shortly after her 3rd birthday. We just figured "If it ain't broke..." and then we also used it as a potty training reward. (Yes, she potty trained a little on the late side. But once she got it- she got it, no problems whatsoever. And the same was true for transitioning to her "big girl bed".)

Soak up teh time with those sweet babes.