Tuesday, May 24, 2011


so, these aren't actual physical keepsakes, but they are some of the current treasures of my heart. blessings that i appreciate so much and don't want to forget about in a year, month, week, or even within the hour with my toddlerized brain.

i'm going to try to add more 'keepsakes' each week. mostly for my own records.

(if only a day of the week started with a K, i could use that to create a catchier title for these posts, which would also double as a reminder to jot the fun new blessings down once a week. example: kuesday keepsakes. too bad.)

(from the past 2 weeks)

-isaac likes to take my kids on a 30- 50 min walk most days when he gets home (that is when he's not in Vegas for work:)

-annette has added the word 'probably' and 'actually' to her vocabulary, as in "yes, mommy, I can probably try to draw a heart'. and "that is actually not charlie's passie, mommy".

-she has also just learned how to draw a face...the circle- eyes- mouth- hair- and all! i love teaching her and watching her learn. my lil' sponge.


-charlie has started shaking his head for 'no'. "let's go change your
diaper". he shakes, shakes, shakes that uncut hair and smiles at me. even though he is trying to be defiant, i can't help but smile back at him. i LOVE that he is starting to say more and communicate with us. even if it is the dreaded "no". i am such a sucker for learning.

-he is also saying 'moo' for cows, and loves to point out 'dahs' (dogs) when we are on walks.

-the athletic club baby pool!!! i took them for the first time on sunday afternoon. watching a one and two    year old around a pool is tricky of course, so i was nervous. but annette wore her floaties the whole time (a blessing in itself) and charlie fell all-the-way-in ONLY two times (i grabbed him within a second and the toughie barely even coughed). he is fearless. i am going to have to figure out someway to make him float.

-isaac will be home tomorrow! that means we will have yummier suppers. and mommy will get more breaks.

-lauren is back at school... this one is sad for us, but happy because she is healthy and able.

-mommas and MDO for helping me through the single parent role this week.

-my girl's bible study. doing this David study has been real, real good for my soul. a timely blessing.


-and a biggie for me this week has been the blessing that i get to stay home with my kids. sometimes i think it is the hardest job ever. b/c it is a neverending job. especially when daddy is out of town. and sometimes i think about how nice it would be to get to work with adults and have a lunch break and be able to go to the bathroom by myself. BUT, this week i have focused on the things that are so wonderful about staying at home with my kiddos. i love being able to sit right next to my kids as they explore and learn with blocks and crayons and books and sand. i get to witness developmental milestones right as they happen. i get to know them so well because we spend almost every hour together. little things......that annette sneezes twice, and charlie sneezes 3 times. that annette prefers to paint over just about anything, and that charlie prefers to be right next to his sister more than anyone else. to see them get excited when the other one wakes up from a nap. Watching them learn to share books, toys, yogurt:) oh, it's a blessing. one that comes with high expectations. the responsibility of making the most of our time, disciplining them, modeling service, showing them God and His love for them and others. full time job for sure!  i know i'll look back at this time and realize how fast it went by.

so this is a reminder to self: SOAK THIS TIME UP.

Matthew 6:20-21
20 But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. 21 For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.


Carol said...

Love the Keepsakes!

the osbornes said...

love, love, love everything about this post! Keep the keepsakes coming! You are such a wonderful mommy, Morgan!

the osbornes said...

PS. Noah has started drawing faces too and it makes me laugh SO HARD to see his interpretations of everybody! One of my favorite developments for sure :)

The Bells said...

sweet post, morgan. my favorite: annette sneezes twice, charlie three times. :) What a great way to record those sweet memories.

Sugar Savvy said...

love it all! way to go with the pool outing! that's pretty major. miss y'all! thank goodness for our public journalings, so we can keep up. ;)