Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Charlie's TransFOURmer Birthday

Isaac likes to call him Charles. I tend to say Charlie. We will see which one sticks over time, I guess. Maybe both will. Either name, Charles Isaac Smith Junior turned 4 on Sunday.

We have a small group from church come over on Sundays anyways, so we were able to knock out two 'meetings' in one afternoon/evening. It was quite nice. We will celebrate him again with our families this week.

Can you tell which pics are iphone pics and which ones were done by Tracy Van Dover? Kidding. Tracy captured some precious moments for me. I wish I was so talented with my camera.

 These 'bolts' I tried to create below were Pinterest inspired, using....

          ...... air heads, ha! More proof I am NOT a perfectionist. 

We also 'transformed' little creatures into giant creatures. 

This was after about 3 hours.

About 24 hrs after. I'll need to send these 'giants' home with the kiddos next group meeting.

Charlie made this face while we sang to him. He is so so so so sweet.

Happy Birthday, Charles. We love you more than I know how to say. 

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