Friday, February 28, 2014

Small smatterings: February wrap up

Mud pies 

Charlie performed at globetrotter halftime. And this is the only pic I took. 

Those baskets in the background are hopefully going to be sitting on a new storage bench. Handy man is working on those for me. This playroom needs a storage system of some sort. NOT my expertise. 

And I feel like I've been looking at barstools, and coffee tables, chairs and other furnishings like its my job. Maybe it is my part time job right now. Except this job does not earn me any money;) not too unlike my real SAHM job. 

Hoping the barstools and coffee tables and such will eventually get in their places. I move a lot slower on making these type decisions than I'd like to admit.

Excited for the weekend and the new month... Which will bring spring!! And Charlie's bday and spring break and more of His goodness. 

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