Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Grant Street Project: Month 5

We are close, close, but still at least a month away from moving in.

The wood floors are completely in, wahoo.

I loved watching them be puzzled back together. Patching floors is quite an art, with all that 'feathering' that was needed in our project. 

The stairs and upstairs hallway and playroom/small bedroom got new hardwoods, while the regular size upstairs bedrooms are getting carpet. 

The floors still need to be sanded and refinished. Right now they look like a quilt of boards. 

Upstairs hallway looks pretty. And empty. Can't wait to put family photos on these crisp white walls. 

We are planning to put a medium dark stain on the floors. That's one of the last final steps though, I've been told. 

Besides the floors, I've been making decisions on lighting and countertops and hardware. In between diaper blowouts (which led me to leaving my iPhone on my bumper..... It didn't make it up Cantrell with us, unfortunately, so I have a new phone) and tutoring and grading papers for Saturday classes, and kid activities and church activities, I've felt a bit crazy.... But that's nothing new, really. 

Ive been looking and pinning ideas for all these finishes for almost a year, but it still takes me a crazy-long time to pull the trigger on things.... like which mirrors I want in the kids bathroom. Not becaue i dont enjoy it, but because I'm really really enjoying it. And I have too much fun changing my mind. But! I finally did order (almost) all of our lights, found and ordered the countertops I love (Turkish white Cararra in Memphis), ordered wallpaper for the downstairs bathroom, and have ordered almost all the hardware. Fun stuff. 

This is our current kitchen below. From two different sides. 

That bar deal is new. I am excited to have a barstool area where the kiddos can eat breakfast. Now to pick those out;)

Here are some other randoms. 

Plan to have a wooden gate type deal built for stairs. Set is a huge danger on those right now. 

Laundry room below will have brick floors. 

Those light switches and outlet covers give me false hope that we are just days away from living here:)

Feeling so so grateful to God for our many blessings. Hoping to fill this place with lots of toys and books and pillows and pictures and laughing and rough housing and memories very soon. Soon as in mid November, hopefully. 

Happy fall from the Smiths 

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Lindsey Sexton said...

How exciting, Morgan! I understand how fun the process can be! Can't wait to see the finished product :D