Sunday, November 13, 2011

Weekend Peek In: Jingle bells and Wedding bells

We had a fun and busy weekend....

On Saturday, we went with some friends to see Mrs. Claus at a children's event at Holiday House.

The kids played Bingo, sang holiday songs, ate cookies, and listened to stories.

Afterwards, we went to a beautiful, I mean BEAUTUFUL, wedding on Saturday afternoon. My sister, Lauren, was a bridesmaid. The bride (and her siblings and parents) were my family's closest friends growing up. We have spent so many wonderful memories with them... even went to the beach with them this past summer. Needless to say, I treasure the chances we get to reconnect with them.

I coudn't seem to rotate this picture, but I had to put this little girl on my blog for memory's sake. She sang sweet old songs with such an amazing voice. I was truly sad when each of her songs ended. Angel voice.

Annette kept kissing Rah Rah over and over and over again. We will be glad when Lauren is home from school. Selfishly.  This is her last semester and then she will be a 'real, live'  Physical Therapist with her doctorate and everything ;) Smart sister.

Father of the Bride, and the man who tried to pay non-stop-talker-me to stay quiet for a 15 minute car ride when we were in the 5th grade. Didn't happen. Nice try though:)

Then, on to our fun nieghbors' house to watch the big game.
The boys had fun wrestling, while the girls played dress-up and enjoyed ice cream. 

Love that our family can just walk a few steps over to play with some great friends. Thanks, Taylors, for hosting my rowdy family! :)

On Sunday, after church, we walked up the street to Holiday in the Heights.  Fun times. Annette and I rode in the carriage with the Taylors AND Santa Claus. Way fun times.

Notice, again, that Annette has chosen her own clothes. I am starting to regret NOT fighting this clothes-picking battle.

Regardless of the bad outfit, Annette and the rest of the Smith fam, had a splendid time tonight, and  the rest of the weekend.
We were even fortunate enough that we ended with a fun community group dinner at Brownings, which was the perfect ending to a super fun weekend.  It doesn't get much better.

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