Saturday, November 19, 2011


Annette loves to move. Annette loves to learn. Annette loves to be social.
Therefore, Annette LOVES loves LOVES her new dance class.

We had done a play ballet class with some friends last month. Annette really liked it, right up her alley as they say, so I knew we would want to do a 'real' ballet class soon.

She was a tiny bit shy at first. Like the first 4 minutes. I, however, was also a teensy bit nervous leaving her in a room filled with toddler girls she didn't know. Will she make new friends easily? Will she obey her teacher? Will she ask to go potty if she needs to? Will she need me???

 I didn't get to watch much, just a little bit through some mini blind slits. But from what I could tell, she was really truly enjoying it. I was relieved. And excited for her.

And as it turns out, my cousin's little girl is in the same class!?! It was so funny to show up and see them there, too. Small world... and even smaller Little Rock.

Notice Charlie running around in picture above. He cried, bawled even, when I had to remove him from the room so they could get class started. Poor guy. He just didn't understand why he wasn't a part of the action.

My girl soaked every second up and was upset when it was time to leave at the hour's end, while I loved seeing her all-grins and so cute in her little tutu and tights. Win-win.

Now, if I can just keep up with those tap and ballet shoes... which will be a huge feat for me!

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