Thursday, July 27, 2017

City Smiths Country Smiths; Fourth of July

as much as i love the city, i seriously love the beautiful rural arkansas country.

when i was younger, i remember wanting to be a farmer's wife. (that was a few years after i told the teacher i wanted to be the first lady when i grew up-- teacher unhappily told me i couldn't pick that. i had some lofty, varied, and romanticized ideas)

the county life is and has always been very appealing to me... the slower pace, the huge sky, the big fields, the cattle and crops, the feeling that you've gone back in time. it's so great... until i can't find the exact soy milk that jane lauren drinks at the charleston, arkansas walmart.  how quickly i forget (and then quickly remember) about biggish city conveniences.

we started the holiday out in little rock with a parade.

mid day, we headed to charleston to visit isaac's brother, jordan.

greenhurst nursing center is the neatest place. i so look forward to our times here. 
the change of pace charges my batteries. 

yes, this small town setting is good for the soul.
and next year, i'll be sure to pack enough of the silk soy milk.

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