Sunday, March 6, 2011

Charlie's Birthday!

A few cheesy phrases to go with our bubble party theme that I've been dying to get out....

We are 'bursting' with love for our Charlie!
Mommy and Daddy are 'bubbling' with joy over Charles Isaac Junior.
Hate to bust your bubble, Annette, but Charlie was the center of attention today :)
Thanks, friends and family, for POPPIN' on over to celebrate with us!

Charlie has been very into bubbles lately, so I decided to use them as our theme. (I love a theme and I love a party. As many of you know:)
Thanks, Nonnie, for baking these YUMMY and cute cookies.

Isaac and Lauren and cousins Sydney and Tom grilling (and test tasting) some sausage and cheese snacks.

Thanks, Granny, for 'popping' some corn and making the cupcakes!

Doc playing with Ada in the bubble pool.

Wouldn't have been a fun party without my WONDERFUL family. To my husband, sisters, parents... THANK YOU! Charlie is a lucky boy to have you building into his little life.

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